Centered Leadership – You and Me, Here and Now

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To successfully lead ourselves and other people in today’s rapidly changing world we need the ability to maintain congruence. Congruence is a concept coined by family therapy pioneer Virginia Satir, meaning a state of awareness, openness, and connection. Congruence covers both the interpersonal dimension, connection between people, as well as the intrapsychic dimension, connection within the person. Being congruent means that we are able to acknowledge and balance our own needs with the needs of the people around us and the current context. As congruent leaders we become better equipped to create new choices to guide our actions.

Centered Leadership is a two day course based on Virginia Satir’s work with human dynamics in which you’ll get to experience (feel and see) the effects of being truly present in your interactions with people and when solving problems. We will also explore how change affects people, how you personally react to change, ways you can maintain congruence during stressful times, and how you can create new choices even when you are under heavy stress.

In Centered Leadership we’ve integrated Virginia’s teachings with other models and tools that we have found useful when coaching and mentoring leaders and teams. Whether you’re in a formal or informal leadership capacity this course will help you lead more effectively.

At the end of the course participants will:

1. Be able to recognize patterns that interfere with authentic communication and learn how to replace them with more effective and empowering alternatives
2. Be more aware your own and others’ needs and understand how doing so enhances communication and leads to better outcomes
3. Have improved their ability to create options where they normally would see few or none
4. Be able to stay present with the people around them as well as relevant to the context
5. Discover and display alignment between thoughts and feelings
6. Understand what triggers incongruence and what it can look like
7. Have discovered their personal coping stance tendencies


Date: Postponed until after summer 2018.
Language: English
Max participants: 20
Location: TBD


Morgan Ahlström

Morgan Ahlström has been working in the IT industry for 20 years covering several different roles, such as developer/architect, project manager, trainer, consultant manager and now during the last eight years as a Lean/Agile Coach. Some of the clients he has worked with in their agile transitions are Spotify, Hi3G Access, Ecster, H&M, AFA, Teracom and Nordea. Morgan coaches development teams and management teams as well as individuals.

He has attended several trainings and workshops around the Satir Model with experts Jean McLendon, Hugh Gratz and Jerry Weinberg, and also arranged the Virginia Satir Model Workshop in Sweden together with McLendon and Gratz. Today he uses the tools on a daily basis in his coaching work.

Company website at and blog at

Viktor Cessan

Viktor Cessan has worked in the software industry for 13 years in roles such as team lead, project manager, product owner, and over half of this time as a Coach focused on leadership and agile.

Viktors most recent clients are Avanza Bank, Spotify, HM, Telenor, and Absolute Vodka but he’s also worked with clients in several different industries and locations.

Viktor has spent the past decade engulfed in leadership, group dynamics, and self awareness.  As a result he has experience from many different models and combines them whenever it makes sense. Some of the models Viktor has experience from are Will Shutz FIRO, Susan Whelans IMGD, MBTI, DISC, Strengthfinder, S3, and the Satir Model.

Viktor holds a diploma in professional coaching (ICF), mentors young professionals such as managers, scrum masters, and product owners about both agile and leadership, and actively blogs about leadership, group dynamics, and agile on

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